New Pencil Time

Got out a new pencil today (Star Wars! Isn't it awesome?) because when I was writing at the doctor's office, I dropped my old pencil in a moment of distraction and it vanished. Couldn't find it anywhere! Well, here's to many great words with the Star Wars pencil. :)


Tore this out of my idea journal to hang on my bulletin board. It inspires my creativity!

School Visit to Liahona Preparatory Academy

Yesterday, I visited the high school and junior high English classes at the Liahona Preparatory Academy. We talked about science fiction and fantasy and what makes them awesome, and about writing and the life of an author. I spoke to three different classes.

One of the students drew a picture of me while I spoke. So sweet. :)

The kids were all polite and attentive, and asked a ton of insightful questions to keep the discussion lively. I do hope they'll have me back again!


I finished the first draft of my Western fantasy novella, Zeke vs. the Shaman's Curse. It always feels so good to write those two little words. Lots of work still ahead, of course, but the story exists outside of my head, and will soon exist inside of yours!

If you'd like to meet Zeke now, check out Zeke vs. the Dust Devil on my Free Short Fiction tab above.

Anyone Remember These?

I have to decided revise and republish my Defenders of the Covenant prequel novellas as a collection. Watch for them soon!

Blast from the Past

I was looking through some papers when I found these rejection letters I saved because they were actually signed, in ink, by Stanley Schmidt and Sheila Williams. Some even included personal notes! Most encouraging rejections I ever got!

Spring Break

During spring break, my family and I visited the San Rafael Swell in Emery County, Utah. What a beautiful place! The Swell is the setting for my current project, Zeke vs. the Shaman's Curse, a Western fantasy novella.

If you'd like to meet my cowboy wizard Zeke now, check out Zeke vs. the Dust Devil on the Free Short Fiction tab above!